This is our fifth video for Corneille. Time flies ! Peep it !

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Here is our recent demo reel. Enjoy.

The “Making of” of Leila’s and Charlie’s recent video we produced.

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Back in 2012 we were commissioned to work on Mugz’s EPK ( Electronic Press Kit ) The day of the shooting comes and Michael ( Mugz ) plays me an excerpt off of his upcoming EP while we are setting up on set. I go ” Cool, let’s listen to some jams ! “…He puts on this song , we listen and then my jaw basically drops to the floor hearing the beat, the energy of his delivery and overall atmosphere of this track . I tell him let’s do a video snippet for this song , here and now “Let’s go ! “. Mugz goes ” OK Pat ! ” with a smirk on his face. We set up a quick corner with some lighting and Mugz runs the song 3 times. I got home that evening , cut the visuals and sent the final during the night.. It was one of those days.. Shot on the Nikon D7000 ( those were the days :))